About Us

Inclusion. Community.
These words are often thrown around by programs providing services to individuals experiencing disabilities, but what do these actually look like in best practice? Ready For Life believes true inclusion and community take the form of opportunity.

  • Opportunity for the RFL summer campers to climb a rock wall, among other activities, regardless of physical abilities including legal blindness, confinement to wheel chairs, and a host of other handicaps.
  • Opportunity for RFL College students to have real college experiences, on real college campuses, and in real college classes, regardless of cognitive abilities.
  • Opportunity for RFL horizon members to build real friendships with college students through monthly events, regardless of social abilities.
  • Opportunity for RFL Skill Building participants to choose their own work experience based on personal talents and interests, regardless of what people say they are or are not able to do.


Ready For Life is certainly not perfect but its passion for people with disabilities drives it to constantly seek out how it can foster true inclusive communities, a goal it desperately hopes will be realized someday.

Take a second to learn more about RFL’s beliefs, to read what is new at RFL, and to contact any of our staff or board members if you have questions or would simply like to talk about inclusive community. Thank you!

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