Volunteer with RFL

Every year ReadyForLife is blessed with volunteers eager to further the cause of inclusion. Simply put, RFL would not be the organization it is today without the help of its volunteers. However, that is not to say that RFL does not need more volunteers. The saying “too much of a good thing” does not apply to this situation and RFL would love to recruit more volunteers. If you are interested in becoming more involved with RFL, look below to see what you might be interested in and contact RFL via one of the staff or emailing info@rflnetwork.org
Volunteering can occur in many different areas within RFL which are as follows:
Social Mentors:These people choose to pursue an intentional relationship with those using RFL’s services. RFL acts as a conduit in order to help the social mentor and RFL participant connect. Social mentors can give as much or as little to the relationship as they want, just as any other friendship. The content of the time spent together can be planned by the mentor, or it can be fostered by RFL. Also, in occasions where RFL needs a mentor for a particular situation it may contact its list of social mentors to help out.
Adult Mentors:Older is wiser, or at least that is what we have all been told. RFL recognizes that an adult mentor can bring a whole different range of learning into a relationship than a college student can. Therefore, RFL attempts to help find an adult mentor for each of its RFL students.

Organization Volunteers:RFL as an organization also needs volunteers in order to run more efficiently and effectively. Volunteering is always appreciated, from being on a fundraising committee to just helping at a fundraiser or being a business intern to helping out in the office for a few hours.