Ready For Life Academy

Ferris State University, Big Rapids, MI

Postsecondary Transition Program for People with Intellectual Disabilities Ages 18-26


  • Three or four-year collegiate experience
  • Community Living Support services for after school support, as requested

PLAN of STUDY TRACKS for RFLA @ Ferris State University

After successful completion of the program, students will earn a certificate of completion from Ready For Life and a transcript from Ferris State University.

Below is a brief description of each concentration, sample courses, and possible internship placements.

Early Education

  • Sample Courses:
    • CARE 210 Job Search Success Seminar
    • CARE 202 Interview and Professional Etiquette
    • EDCD 101 Introduction to Early Childhood Education
    • EDCD 112 Theories of Child Development
    • EDCD 210 Methods and Teaching of Infants and Toddlers
    • EDCD 211 Methods and Teaching of Preschool and School-age Children

    Interdisciplinary (customized course of study)

    • Sample Courses:
      • CARE 210 Job Search Success Seminar
      • AUTO 111 Manual Transmissions – Drivelines
      • EEET 111 Mobile Robots
      • MUSI 221 Music Appreciation

    Hospitality with Option to Earn a FSU Certificate in Hospitality

    • Sample Courses:
      • UNIV 101 College Study Methods
      • HSMG 114 Menu Planning and Nutrition
      • HSMG 127 Principles of Cooking and Baking
      • COHP 160 Nutrition for Healthy Living

    PROGRAM COSTS based on 2023-24 Academic School Year

    RFLA Tuition$14,000/year
    FSU TuitionVARIABLE/depends on credits taken
    Room & Board10,508/year, includes unlimited meals under the Crimson plan
    Spending Money450/year, assumes $15 per week
    Community Living Support6,000/year, assumes 10 hours/week at $20/week. Can be paid by Community Mental Health
    Total**$31,258/year **does not include cost for audited credit hours paid to FSU


    As much as we all prioritize academics, a major reason to attend a post-secondary transition program on a college campus is to have students participate in the many activities offered by the school. See link below for student opportunities offered at Ferris State University.

    Come as you are. Join us. Invest actively in the life of the college. Explore new ideas and interests. Develop your leadership competencies. Be anchored in Hope. Working with 3,133 students is the best part of our day. Whether you have a big idea, a question or a concern, or you’re just looking …

    Please contact us at [email protected] or 616-248-3775 for more information!